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About Grey Matterz Hypnotherapy & Blog

Grey Matterz is a Clinical Hypnotherapy service based in Hull. The owner Richard Scott is an international clinical hypnotherapist and creator of many successful hypnotic mind reprogramming audio CDs, and MP3s which can be used on many mobile devices.

With advanced qualifications in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy from the School of Natural Health Sciences in London. Richard has completed thousands of hours of clinical hypnosis work and practices the latest techniques in Cognitive hypnotherapy, hypno-analysis and stress management.

Richard specializes in anxiety and stress management but also helps his many clients with weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders, smoking cessation, breaking chronic addictions, insomnia, releasing phobias including fear of flying, improved study and sport performance enhancement, confidence and positivity, overcoming public speaking and performance anxiety.

Primarily a clinic based practitioner, Richard also attends home and location visits as and when necessary. Richard Scott has attended home visits internationally as well as throughout the United Kingdon.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about Grey Matterz, please contact Richard Scott by email on

I will be leaving posts up at this blog with a whole heap of information which hopefully will shed some light onto the much misunderstood world of hypnotherapy and allow you to gain some handy hints and tips in the meantime.

Happy reading.

Richard Scott


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