Overcoming the Fear of Failure


Eliminating fear of failure is something you cannot do overnight. It takes time and sheer determination. So to help you out, here’s a list of what you should do:

1.   Identify the root cause of your fear.
Was there a time in your life that people laughed at you because you failed? Were your parents too protective that they don’t want you to try new things and commit mistakes? If you are going to remember those events or difficult situations as if you are not a part of it, you will feel that it has nothing to do with you really. After all, past is past. You can’t change it. But you have full control of your future!

2.   Make it simple.
The more you simplify things, say your work or studies, the easier they become. And when you find a task easy, the more chances you’ll succeed on it.

3.   Understand that failure is inevitable.
Even the best leaders in the world have gone to several episodes of failure. Failing is as natural as breathing. Being fearful about it will only increase your failures in life.

4.   Failure is equivalent to success.
The best thing about failure is that it provides us an avenue to strive harder and do better. It gives us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and prevent the same mistakes from happening again.

5.   Failure is only temporary.
While lamenting on the cruelty of failure, it may feel like the pain is not going to fade away. But just like any other difficulty in life, it shall pass and the pain will subside (whether you want it or not).

6.   Free your mind from negative thoughts.
Negative thoughts are like steel plates that are placed in your head. Imagine how heavy they are! Negative thoughts, due to the discomfort they bring, can affect how you handle thoughts and emotions, a fact that makes you more vulnerable to failures.

7.    Failure is not a bad thing.
Failure may bring a big buzz in your ear but it isn’t that bad as you think. As mentioned, failing gives you an opportunity to expand your horizon and do better next time!

8.    Face your fears! Act on it.
Failure to learn from a failure results to bigger failures. You’ve got to give any challenge your best shot.

9.    Focus on the now.
If you worry a lot of about failing, you will never have a chance to enjoy your life at the very  moment.

10.  Improve your skills.
One way to reduce the risk of failing is to constantly upgrade your skills and expand your  knowledge. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will succeed.

To sum it all up – while it’s true that failure often makes us feel troubled, it is an inevitable phenomenon that is designed to make us stronger and better.

Fear of failure only encourages failure itself so there’s really no point to be afraid at all. And although eliminating fear of failure can be a tough roller coaster ride, there are some things you can do to overcome it.

From identifying the root cause, simplifying things and accepting that failure is normal, to changing your perspective, facing your fears, focusing on the ‘present’ and constantly improving yourself – you can defeat your fear of failure and get your way to success.

Shoot for the stars…

Richard Scott
Clinical Hypnotherapist


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