Diffuse and Manage that Anger

Anger management at grey matterz

Don’t let anger rule you

Everyone gets angry at one point or another. It is a normal reaction of our mind to things that aggravate our emotions. But uncontrolled anger does have consequences too. Other than affecting your relationship with other people, it can also increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and other serious illnesses.

Anger doesn’t have to be problem. Controlling your anger should not just be an option, but a responsibility. Don’t worry, with the following steps, you can definitely manage your anger and prevent it from affecting your life.


Step One: STOP.

The best and ultimate way to end the flow of your emotions is to STOP. Make an effort to detach yourself from the situation. Whether you’re thinking of something, crafting a sentence on your mind to say – just stop. Think of a ‘stop technique’ you can use whenever you feel very angry. For instance, if you feel like throwing all those plates to your spouse, just hold your hands up in front of your face, palms out and fingers straight up. Or, you can clap your hands hard and fast.

Step Two: Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Breathing techniques are very important in anger management in plenty of ways. First, breathing relaxes your tensed muscles, lowers down your ‘adrenaline rush’, allows the blood to properly circulate your system, and helps your mind resume to rational thinking. Second, breathing serves as a diversionary tactic that keeps you away from the feelings of anger. Just like meditating, breathe in and out deeply. You may also repeat a ‘mantra’ or some positive words that will make you more mindful of the situation and release the tension.

Step Three: Give yourself some space.

Getting away isn’t a sign of cowardice – at least when it comes to anger. Let go of agony by leaving. Go somewhere else. Take a walk, have some exercise. Avoid seeing the person or doing the thing that has made you furious, at least for now. Let your emotions subside first before dealing with the problem.

Step Four: Assess the situation.

The moment you calmed down, you will feel that you are in a better position to analyse the situation and create the best resolution for it. Go to a quiet place. Take time to assess your emotions, and all other things that triggered you to feel that way. Look into the situation from a distance – as if you are not a part of it. This way, you can effectively assess where your anger is coming from.

Step Five: Determine what the problem is.

By carefully analysing the situation, you can effectively define the root cause of your anger. This is important because when you know what triggers you to be furious; you can devise strategies to avoid it the next time. Try to define in a sentence or two what really caused your anger.

Step Six: Resolve the issue.

All problems have corresponding solutions. Don’t hesitate to seek help from other people, friends or family.
If you need some serious help in managing your anger  – simply book a FREE CONSULTATION at Grey Matterz and let me help you manage that Anger with some bespoke rapid techniques.

Here’s wishing you a calmer future,

Richard Scott
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Grey Matterz
Part of the Core Health Centre


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