Make a resolution and STICK to it!

One of the most common things I hear around this time of year is the term

New Year’s Resolutions.

A term which signifies a process which if applied with vigour and followed stringently can have a life changing effect on one’s life.

…And therein lies the failure clause! One has to enter into an agreement to follow the whole process until results start showing.

Make that resolution

Having the desire to change something about your life is all fair and good – but IT alone will not change anything. You have to make a resolution and then follow it through. The best way to make a resolution is to make one that is detailed with measurable markers of success.

For instance… you could say you’d like to lose weight. How? When? Where? By doing what? In what length of time? So many variables, so many chances to fail.

How about this one – “I am going to shed 2 stone of excess weight. I’m going to do this by cutting out alcohol that is drunk during the week. I am going to visit the gym to exercise on Monday and Thursday between 6pm and 7.30pm. I will weight myself weekly, record the results and review my exercise regime to enhance further weight loss until I have reached the 2 stone weight reduction”.

Now that’s a detailed resolution.

It shows a purpose and a method to achieving it. It also gives a Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-based account of what’s going to happen (S.M.A.R.T. for short).

You need to make this resolution, and really understand why you’re making this resolution and what this resolution is going to achieve for you.

Take ownership of this resolution and make sure that you’re doing this for yourself, for your own purpose, for a good reason and not because someone has told you to do it.

Tell everyone you can about it

Doing this will not only give it more strength but will strengthen your commitment to succeed.

Most Importantly – you must be aware that YOU have a choice. You have the choice to travel down the path of least resistance, down the path you’ve always travelled which has led you to this point in your life. OR you can choose to take the path to a new future, a less travelled path but one which you’ve made a decision to walk along.

In making this decision you have empowered yourself. You’ve given yourself the power to choose your own future. You have made a deliberate and voluntary decision to change your life.

I hope this has helped some of you to strengthen those resolutions or kick start the beginning of your new life for 2011.

Best regards

Richard Scott
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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One Comment on “Make a resolution and STICK to it!”

  1. Great story again.. Thanks a lot.

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