So who likes the snow?

Awaking early morning, looking out of the window, seeing flurries of little tiny white snowflakes drifting down and settling on a crisp white carpet.

Sounds like a scene from Raymond Briggs’  ‘The Snowman’ doesn’t it? And even though such a scene may be most welcome to some, making school children dash for their sledges, it can cement feelings of dread in other people.

The winter months start to tighten their grip on the people suffering from SAD. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder to the layman.

It is becoming better know nowadays through exposure in the media. It is a condition that effects many people, and as the days grow shorter and darker a feeling of bleakness and dread sets in.

Sometimes described as being sad or having the winter blues, this disorder detaches the sufferer from the joys and festive spirit usually associated with this time of the year. Unable to enjoy celebrating with family and friends the sufferers begin to feel an onset of hopelessness.

I know all of this sounds like doom and gloom – but there is a solution.


Through hypnosis one can learn to successfully manage stress and negative thought patterns while introducing a little positivity, motivation and general confidence. New outlook and hope will allow the sufferer to reframe their own views of this time of the year and start to be more optimistic, who knows they may even start to enjoy the seasonal changes.

If you’d like to know more about S.A.D. or any other symptom which hypnosis may be able to help you with – please visit my website or give me a call.

Wishing you all the seasonal best wishes

Richard Scott

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