10 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Looking for some easy ways to lose weight?

Here are ten simple easy ways to lose weight that can help you start losing weight today – but before we get started, a word of caution. Stay away from the fad and quick weight loss diet programs that promise effortless weight loss. Unfortunately most of these plans promise lots but deliver very little. And worse still could actually end up damaging your health.

There are lots of different weight loss tips that can help you lose weight quick, but not many of them tech you how to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. These easy ways to lose weight are simple tips that can help you lose weight now and teach you how to keep it off for good.

OK – enough of the soap box – here’s my ten easy ways to lose weight:

  1. Eat breakfast – everyday. Gets you metabolism going and stops you from getting hungry mid morning and making unhealthy snack choices.
  2. Always have vegetables or salad with lunch and dinner.
  3. Drop the snack bars and gave fruit or veggies instead.
  4. Replace full fat food and drinks with reduce fat versions – but don’t go for “diet” versions. The sales of diet drinks is increasing all the time and is pretty much parallel to the increase in obesity!
  5. Drop refined foods (like white bread, white pasta etc) and opt for wholegrain alternatives instead.
  6. Buy smaller plates so that you automatically reduce portion sizes.
  7. Slow you eating and chew your food more – when you feel satisfied stop eating – don’t keep going till you’re stuffed full.
  8. Only eat when you’re hungry – not when you feel you need a “reward” or some emotional gratification. If you’re not feeling hunger pangs, don’t eat.
  9. Cut out any sweetened and diet drinks and replace with water – and aim to drink a couple of liters a day. Build up to it if necessary but get there.
  10. Don’t eat evening meals in front of the TV. Sit at the dining table with your family/partner/friends/radio. No TV.

Ten easy ways to lose weight and keep it off – you will lose weight quickly if you stick with these weight loss tips, and you will keep if off if you incorporate them into your lifestyle too.

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