Why willpower alone doesn’t always work

I read an interesting article from a fellow hypnotherapist – Annabel Barry. I thought I’d repost it for you. Enjoy!

At some time in our lives many of us have made a conscious decision to rid ourselves of a bad habit once and for all. We know of the serious implications that habits like smoking or overeating can have to our health. Even a habit such as nail biting can have a really negative impact on our self confidence. So why, in spite of all our good intentions do we find our will power and motivation evaporates in time and we revert back to our old ways?

It helps to understand that there are two compartments to our mind. The conscious decision making part dictates our logical thoughts and will power, whilst the huge subconscious part constantly works away in the background, acting as the storage department for our memories, emotions and significantly, our habits. Although we may consciously want to change a habit, there are times when the subconscious hasn’t quite got the message and continues to ‘perceive’ that the habit is doing us some good.

Hypnotherapy can provide the solution to many stubborn habits that will power alone has had difficulty in changing because it enables the subconscious to reject the bad habit and accept new positive alternatives so that lasting beneficial change can happen and the results can be quite amazing!

For example, just one hypnotherapy session is often all that’s needed to become a non smoker. It is a safe, effective and natural therapy where the client is in complete control at all times. It’s similar to when you become engrossed in a book or film, yet are still aware of your surroundings.

Therefore, when will power alone doesn’t work and that stubborn habit persists, hypnotherapy can provide an alternative to ‘just giving in to the habit’ and in many cases, results in a lasting solution.

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