NHS now using hypnosis… in secret!

As many therapists will be aware, there is something of a divide between what conventional GPs offer as treatments and what ‘alternative’ therapists offer.

The GPs, mainly the NHS bound one’s, tend to be time restricted and very keen to write out prescription tablets for this and tablets for that.

Hypnotherapists, myself included, have had something of a difficult time trying to convince the medical profession that there is efficacy in hypnosis and that not everything should be placated by drugs.

Well… to my surprise… what do I find when researching the ‘NHS Stop Smoking’ methods.
The NHS actually have some MP3 files online that people can download which are, and I quote, ‘stressbusters for the mind’ and ‘stress-buster for the body’ and have been scientifically proven to reduce your urge to smoke*. When you crave a cigarette, simply use the trainers to help you stay calm and focussed on quitting.

So they’re calling hypnotherapy recordings ‘Trainers’ now.

Hypnotherapists have been battling the NHS for years to recognise hypnosis as a valid therapy, one which works in the majority of cases much faster than traditional medicine. So after the years of campaigning and scientific proof that hypnosis does actually exist the NHS choose to adopt the therapy ‘in secret’.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it, who will be more qualified to administer the hypnotherapy – the NHS or the practitioners who have campaigned for years to have the therapy brought into the forefront of modern medicine?

I know where my money would lie.

In the face of this mutiny, Grey Matterz is in the process of launching a ‘Stop Smoking’ Kit, which will consist of information about smoking, hints and tips to help you kick the habit and a ‘Hypnotherapy’ (there I’m not afraid to say it) CD which has been proven to be very successful at helping people quit smoking and maintain a smoke free, healthier lifestyle.

Keep your eyes peeled, and if any of you know anyone who wants to quit smoking but hasn’t got the will power or the motivation – then send them my way or please tell them about the kits which will be available soon.

Until next time,

Richard Scott

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