A simple exercise for you to do.

This one’s called ‘anchoring’ and hopefully it’ll help you feel good.

Firstly, think of an occasion when you had a highly pleasurable, positive or enjoyable experience.

See what you saw then (looking out through your own eyes), hear what
you heard and feel what you felt.

As you feel the sensations increase in intensity, squeeze the thumb and forefinger of your left hand gently together for a few moments, and then release them.

Now ‘break your state’ (e.g. maybe by remembering what you had for lunch yesterday.) Squeeze your thumb and forefinger together again, gently pulsing them. The state will return.

It might take a few practices but it really does work.

To make the most of anchoring, it is important to really engage in the experience and make it wonderfully vivid in your mind and to then also put effort into recalling it when you first activate your anchor for a few times.

Imagine how powerful this can be when you want to feel wonderful if you are home, feeling gloomy. Instead of reaching for the chocolate, you can start to activate your “feel good” anchor.

Every time you want to get motivated to exercise, just activate your enthusiasm anchor. It is a really simple technique.

This is a simple but powerful technique that can enable you to have access to the states and resources you want, when you want them. The use of thumb and forefinger is an example of a tactile anchor, but you can use any representation to anchor something for yourself or someone else.

Have fun

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